“Il segno di Orlando”

musica per il furioso

The concerts of the "Vertuosa Compagnia de ' Musici di Roma" focused on the compositions created by influence of Orlando in the musical culture of the Baroque era; the amount and manner of "reinterpretation" of the “Furioso” give an idea of the turmoil and the dynamism that characterized the literary and musical environments in Europe from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

Among the early 1600 and 1700 's end are approximately forty works, not counting those lost, which stars Orlando, Angelica, Medoro, Bradamante, Ruggiero, Alcina, Ginevra, Ariodante, Atlante or Rodomonte.

The "Vertuosa Compagnia" took part in the event with two distinct projects:

“Il Segno d’Orlando", an orchestral concert that inaugurated the celebrations with a program devoted to the baroque musical theater, and "Cantar d'Orlando", a series of three concerts each dedicated to a particular theme: love and lovers, war and paladins, madness and sense.